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BMW 1 Series E8x Digital Cluster

*Non-EU countries price excl. VAT/import duties.
✔ Easy plug-and-play installation
✔ Original mileage and all warning telltales
✔ Free firmware support
✔ 2-Year warranty

    1. Gauges provide essential information; Speedometer, Tachometer, Odometer, Tripmeter, Gear, Fuel Level, Fuel Economy, Coolant Temp, Oil Temp*¹, Voltmeter*², Power*² and Torque*².
    2. Indicator lights provide warnings and updates; Tell-tales, Cruise Control, Lane Departure Warning*¹, Shift indicator*², Check Control messages and On-board Computer (OBC) information.
    3. Customization options allow for changing gauges properties (e.g., Speedo- and Tachometer), look and feel (choose from multiple themes and designs) and a personalized start-up animation.
    4. In the Settings menu (operated by OEM controls or optional Keypad) you customize appearance, adjust brightness, change indicators, manage maintenance, configure system settings and more.
    5. Utilizing the Update Support feature, made as simple as connecting a USB flash drive, allows for installing the latest software releases, after sale upgrades and future improvements.
    6. Additional feature upgrades offer integrated safety features solutions your vehicle did not support before; features such as a Backup- / Rear-view Camera and Blind-sport Recognition.

    *¹: Only available if your vehicle supports these features. *²: Only available in the Standard- and Premium Edition.

  • General
    Connections USB, FAKRA, and Molex (2)
    Languages English (US)
    System of Units Imperial-, and Metric system (SI)
    Operating Temp. -30° up to +95° Celsius
    -54° up to +171° Fahrenheit
    Compatibility BMW 1 Series E81, BMW 1 Series E82
    BMW 1 Series E87, BMW 1 Series E88

    Resolution 1920x720 pixels
    Screen Size 10.3-inch
    Aspect Ratio 8:3
    Backlight Tech. LCD
    Color Depth 16.7M
    Quality Standard Automotive Grade

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jonathan Grimes
Cluster looks great! I love it. __

Cluster looks great! I love it. __ minor nit: For E82s, it may not be as easy as described. the side screws are a pain to get reinserted along with the cowl. (The screen�s frame is in the way) and� once i did manage to get it screws back in and the cowl flush with dash, the front cover pushed it up so it has a minor gap.

Juan Pablo Villalba
You need to get the digital cluster.

If you really like your vehicle to look updated, you need to get the digital cluster. Easy installation, perfect fit and the Id4motion team are the best! Recommended 100 %�.

Juan Villalba
"Best customer service I ever had"

"ID4Motion is the an excellent company with one of the best customer service I ever had. The engineering technicians will help you with your installation and any questions you will have. The digital clusters are like if you bought your vehicle with them. OEM like with more to it! Shipping is extremely fast! In conclusion, The best of the best in Digital Clusters."