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    Stay up to date with the latest Software Releases and learn more about the changes and improvements that come with each release. Wondering how to install a firmware update? Find step-by-step installation instructions here.

    BMW E38-E53

    Version: 03.00.00
    Date: 08 Feb, 2024
    Size: 24.9 MB

    This software release is compatible with Digital Clusters for: BMW 3 Series E46, BMW 5 Series E39, BMW 7 Series E38, and BMW X5 E53.

    BMW E60-E93

    Version: 05.00.00
    Date: 30 Jan, 2024
    Size: 40.4 MB

    This software release is compatible with Digital Clusters for: BMW 1 Series E8x, BMW 3 Series E9x, BMW 5 Series E6x, BMW 6 Series E6x, BMW X5 E70, BMW X6 E71, and BMW Z4 E89.


    Version: 03.00.00
    Date: 16 Jan, 2024
    Size: 6.1 MB

    This software release is compatible with Digital Clusters for: Honda Civic EG, Honda Civic EK, Honda Integra MK3, Honda S2000 AP1, Honda S2000 AP2, Honda S2000 AP2 CR, and Honda Acura NSX.


    Version: 01.00.02
    Date: 31 Aug, 2022
    Size: 4.4 MB

    This software release is compatible with Universal Digital Cluster.

    Not sure which software?

    Still uncertain about which software version to download for installation? We recommend installing the most up-to-date release. Simply select your product from the list below to be directed to the compatible software download.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How often are software updates released?

    Software updates are released periodically, and the frequency can vary depending on the development and testing cycles. Check this page regularly for announcements of new releases.

    How do I download and install the latest software update?

    To download and install the latest software update, begin by ensuring you've selected the software release that is compatible with your specific product. Our product lines may have different software versions, so it's important to choose the right one.

    For detailed step-by-step instructions on how to install software updates, we have created a dedicated page. Please click here to access our comprehensive guide, which will walk you through the installation process in detail.

    What benefits can I expect from the latest software update?

    Each software update typically includes a list of enhancements, bug fixes, and new features. You can find detailed release notes accompanying each update, highlighting specific changes and improvements.

    Are these software updates universally compatible with all digital clusters?

    Software updates are purpose-built for a particular set of digital clusters. To ascertain compatibility with your specific device, it is crucial to refer to the compatibility information included with each release.

    Can I request a specific feature or improvement for future updates?

    User feedback is valuable! While we can't guarantee specific feature requests, we appreciate your input, and it helps shape our future updates.

    If you have a particular feature or improvement in mind, please use this link to submit your feature request. We appreciate your contribution to enhancing our software.

    How can I stay updated on future software releases?

    To receive notifications about future software releases, updates, and other relevant news, consider subscribing to our newsletter or following our official communication channels.