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  • December 20, 2021 1 min read

    An ID4Motion Review - Buddy's DIY

    ID4motions BMW interior mod upgrade. this is a retrofit gauge cluster made for the dash of 3 series BMW 5 series x5, x5, 6 series and more! Its the best BMW mod retrofit interior upgrade you can get. this is a complete digital dash that is fully customizable. ID motion did a great job with this mod and it truly an awesome bmw upgrade for your car.

    BMW 1 Series E8x
    BMW 3 Series E9x
    BMW 5 Series E6x
    BMW 6 Series E6x
    BMW X5 E70
    BMW X6 E71
    BMW Z4 E89 


    Product shown in this video: BMW X5 E70 Digital Cluster