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  • Digital Cluster for BMW Z4 E89

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    *Non-EU countries price excl. VAT/import duties.

    • Original mileage and warning indicators
    • Free software updates
    • 2-Year warranty

    What's in the box:
    Digital cluster, front cover, screen protector, and wire harness.

    For the BMW Z4 E89 features a sunlight-readable, Full HD, Automotive LCD display. Which replaces the OEM gauge cluster of the BMW Z4 E89 model, bringing new functionalities and lots of customization options.

    Pre-programmed to work with your vehicle. No coding required.
    • BMW Z4 E89
    • Gauges provide essential information; Speedometer, Tachometer, Odometer, Tripmeter, Gear, Fuel Level, Fuel Economy, Coolant Temp, Oil Temp*¹, Voltmeter*², Power*² and Torque*².
    • Indicator lights provide warnings and updates; Tell-tales, Cruise Control, Lane Departure Warning*¹, Shift indicator*², Check Control messages and On-board Computer (OBC) information.
    • Customization options allow for changing gauges properties (e.g., Speedo- and Tachometer), look and feel (choose from multiple themes and designs) and a personalized start-up animation.
    • In the Settings menu (operated by OEM controls or optional Keypad) you customize appearance, adjust brightness, change indicators, manage maintenance, configure system settings and more.
    • Utilizing the Update Support feature, made as simple as connecting a USB flash drive, allows for installing the latest software releases, after sale upgrades and future improvements.
    • Additional feature upgrades offer integrated safety features solutions your vehicle did not support before; features such as a Backup- / Rear-view Camera and Blind-sport Recognition.

    *¹: Only available if your vehicle supports these features. *²: Only available in the Standard- and Premium Edition.

    Connections USB, FAKRA, and Molex (2)
    Languages English (US)
    System of Units Imperial-, and Metric system (SI)
    Operating Temp. -30° up to +95° Celsius
    -54° up to +171° Fahrenheit

    Resolution 1920x720 pixels
    Screen Size 10.3-inch
    Aspect Ratio 8:3
    Backlight Tech. LCD
    Color Depth 16.7M
    Quality Standard Automotive Grade

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Sierra Victor (Phoenix, US)
    Excellent modification for Z4 e89

    It's an excellent modification to make your car look more modern; the designs are incredible. The shipping to Mexico was very fast, around 4 days. One thing to consider is that you have to damage the original dashboard as you have to break it to adapt it to the cluster. Something I don't like is the fan noise and the delay in the screen when turning it on; it has remained black for more than 10 seconds.


    Excellent modification for a modern look.
    Incredible designs.
    Fast shipping to Mexico (around 4 days).


    Requires damaging the original dashboard to adapt it to the cluster.
    Dislikes the fan noise.
    Screen delay upon startup, sometimes remaining black for over 10 seconds.

    Vlad Popovici
    Excellent product for my Z4 E89

    Excellent product for my Z4 E89