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    Digital Cluster

    Upgrade your BMW 3 Series E46 with a state-of-the-art ID4Motion Digital Cluster — an unparalleled replacement for your car's original instrument cluster. Experience enhanced functionality, extensive customization, stunning designs, and many more additional features!

    Plug and play installation

    The BMW E46 Digital Gauge cluster is a plug-and-play modification. This mod works with the original BMW wiring and supports every BMW warning light and telltale. Update your interior without losing any E46 functionalities.

    Which edition is right for you?

    Compare the available product editions in terms of designs, themes, and features, choose the edition that is right for you.

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    Customize your Digital Gauge Cluster

    E46 Features

    Everything you need in the box

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The ID4Motion Digital Gauge Cluster is compatible, without exception, with every BMW E46 model. Right-hand drive and left-hand drive. Different body styles: Coupé, Convertible, Compact, Sedan, Touring. Other gearboxes: manual, automatic, or SMG. 

    Including all the available engines:

    316i (1999 - 2005) 1.9L M43B19, 1.6L N40B16, 1.8L N42B18, 1.8L N46B18

    318i (1998 - 2006) 1.9L M43B19, 2.0L N42B20, 2.0L N46B20

    320i (1998 - 2006) 2.0L M52TUB20, 2.2L M54B22

    323i (1998 - 2000) 2.5L M52TUB25

    325i (xi) (2001 - 2006) 2.5L M54B25

    328i (1998 - 2000) 2.8L M52TUB28

    330i (xi) (2000 - 2006) 3.0L M54B30 

    330i ZHP (2003 - 2006) 3.0L M54B30

    M3 (2000 - 2006) 3.2L S54B32 

    M3 CSL (2003 - 2004) 3.2L S54B32HP

    318d (2001-2005) 2.0L M47D20, 2.0L M47TUD20 

    320d (1999 - 2006) 2.0L M47D20, 2.0L M47TUD20 

    330d (xd) (1999 - 2005) 3.0L M57D30, 3.0L M57TUD30 

    Our E46 digital dash is easy to install with a bit of technical know-how. It's a plug-and-play installation without cutting any wiring. We would like to refer you to our Instructions page for more information and videos.

    Replacing the OEM gauge cluster with the E46 Digital Gauge Cluster will not change the odometer. The E46 Digital Gauge Cluster will display the correct odo value from the vehicle out of different BMW modules.

    Your VIN will be implemented into your ID4Motion E46 digital gauge cluster to be recognized by your vehicle. So no additional programming is needed afterward.

    You can change the settings in your E46 digital gauges cluster from imperial, MPH (Miles Per Hour), to metric Km/h (Kilometer Per Hour) and back.

    It’s possible to purchase a software update or extra skin afterward. You can install this update with the USB port on the back of the digital cluster and a file we send by email.

    The ID4Motion Digital Clusters are only available in English (US).

    ID4Motion ships products Worldwide with UPS to Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Europe, and Australia. Import Taxes and local fees are not included.

    Digital Cluster for BMW 3 Series E46