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BMW 3 Series E9x Digital Cluster

*Non-EU countries price excl. VAT/import duties.
✔ Easy plug-and-play installation
✔ Original mileage and all warning telltales
✔ Free firmware support
✔ 2-Year warranty

    1. Gauges provide essential information; Speedometer, Tachometer, Odometer, Tripmeter, Gear, Fuel Level, Fuel Economy, Coolant Temp, Oil Temp*¹, Voltmeter*², Power*² and Torque*².
    2. Indicator lights provide warnings and updates; Tell-tales, Cruise Control, Lane Departure Warning*¹, Shift indicator*², Check Control messages and On-board Computer (OBC) information.
    3. Customization options allow for changing gauges properties (e.g., Speedo- and Tachometer), look and feel (choose from multiple themes and designs) and a personalized start-up animation.
    4. In the Settings menu (operated by OEM controls or optional Keypad) you customize appearance, adjust brightness, change indicators, manage maintenance, configure system settings and more.
    5. Utilizing the Update Support feature, made as simple as connecting a USB flash drive, allows for installing the latest software releases, after sale upgrades and future improvements.
    6. Additional feature upgrades offer integrated safety features solutions your vehicle did not support before; features such as a Backup- / Rear-view Camera and Blind-sport Recognition.

    *¹: Only available if your vehicle supports these features. *²: Only available in the Standard- and Premium Edition.

  • General
    Connections USB, FAKRA, and Molex (2)
    Languages English (US)
    System of Units Imperial-, and Metric system (SI)
    Operating Temp. -30° up to +95° Celsius
    -54° up to +171° Fahrenheit
    Compatibility BMW 3 Series E90, BMW 3 Series E91
    BMW 3 Series E92, BMW 3 Series E93

    Resolution 1920x720 pixels
    Screen Size 10.3-inch
    Aspect Ratio 8:3
    Backlight Tech. LCD
    Color Depth 16.7M
    Quality Standard Automotive Grade

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Carlos Gomez
Best E9X mod you can do

First off Awesome product best E9X mod you can do for your car highly recommended this Great product and great customer service! The screen looks amazing when installed and they are very quick to reply and help you out if you need anything.

Tighe Matthew
Highly recommended

Awesome product best E9X mod you can do for your car highly recommended

Mustafa Barmada
Very good quality, looks super cool

Very good quality, looks super cool, I've bought it since a few months and haven't had any problems with it. Themes prices expensive, it would be better if the price is cheaper.

Chappell CIAB
Fantastic Product

Fantastic Product, being using it for a week and I am so blown away about how good this cluster looks. Every1 whom I have shown are so amazed by the cluster. The racing theme is second to none.

Keith Taylor
The ability to see your coolant or oil temp is a HUGH plus

My true rating is 4.5 stars, I would give 5 star once or if a little gripe is fixed. But the unit is a much update/upgrade for anyone with an E9X, the installation is very easy. Now the visual of this display is high quality, videos or pictures is not how you need to view this display. The operation of the menu is very easy and pretty quick. The RPM are very accurate. The screen is very bright and doesn't get washed out by the sun. The pop up of any "warnings" like the tire pressure system shows up big enough and bright making it very noticeable. The ability to see your coolant or oil temp is a HUGH plus, I would recommend this product, but it is pricey. But the price is just almost worth it with all the work they put into this product.

Jim Thomas
This is actually really cool

This is actually really cool. At first, I was a bit doubtful if it would work. But the installation was pretty easy, and I didn't need to program anything. It works as the original but adds so much more to my interior. I would recommend it.

Sadly the screen protector came damaged in the box, so now there is some dust underneath my screen and the protector.

Hello Jim it it great to hear you love like the digital gauge cluster. To solve your issue with the screen protector, we will send you a new one, so you install a clean one and make your cluster look crisp.