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  • October 28, 2022 1 min read

    We see a lot of questions from Honda Civic owners if they can install an S2000 Digital Gauge Cluster in their Civic EG or EK. This S2000 cluster conversion mod is so popular with the Honda community that we have to find a solution to make it happen with the ID4Motion S2000 Digital Gauge Cluster. Especially with the rising S2000 cluster prices, installing a digital cluster would be really attractive.

    We now have a solution, a conversion kit for the Honda Civic EG, so that you can install the S2000 Digital Gauge Cluster. With a new wiring harness and some software updates, you can now install this mod into your Honda EG and enjoy the S2000 Conversion for almost half the total price of the traditional modification.

    If you can to be one of the first to try this conversion kit, click the link below. If there is enough interest in this S2000 Civic Mod, we will also develop a new front cover to make it look OEM.

    See more about the S2000 Civic Conversion


    ID4Motion Honda Civic EG S2000 Digital Gauge Cluster Conversion Mod
    No extra conversion kit needed, S2000 Digital Gauge Cluster and wiring in one package. 
    ID4Motion Honda S2000 Civic EG Digital Gauge Cluster Conversion Modification
    Pick out different design, Honda S2000 AP1, AP2 or the AP2 CR layout. 

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