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  • Tier Upgrade to Premium Edition for Honda

    About this Upgrade

    With this Edition Upgrade you can upgrade your ID4Motion Digital Cluster for Honda from the Standard Edition to the Premium Edition, granting access to everything that is included in this new edition.

    Upgrade from Upgrade to
    Standard Edition Premium Edition


    This upgrade is compatible with the following products:

    • Digital Cluster for Honda Acura NSX
    • Digital Cluster for Honda Civic EG
    • Digital Cluster for Honda Civic EK
    • Digital Cluster for Honda Integra MK3
    • Digital Cluster for Honda S2000 AP1
    • Digital Cluster for Honda S2000 AP2
    • Digital Cluster for Honda S2000 AP2 CRr

    This upgrade is a digital product in the form of a downloadable file that must be installed on your digital cluster. No physical product will be delivered.

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