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    Blindspot Monitor for BMW

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    About this Product

    Blindspot monitor alerts the driver when another vehicle enters its blind spot and prevents s colliding into another car next to you. A feature mostly seen on new cars, but now you can also fit this on an older type BMW.

    With this blindspot monitor kit, it is possible to unlock the new potential of your digital BMW cluster. The kit includes a software update that you can install via a USB stick and the necessary hardware to install the two sensors into the rear bumper of your car. The blindspot monitor is automatically enabled after a restart of your vehicle but can be manually deactivated in the menu.


    This product is compatible with the following products:

    • BMW 1 Series E8x Digital Cluster
    • BMW 3 Series E9x Digital Cluster
    • BMW 5 Series E6x Digital Cluster
    • BMW 6 Series E6x Digital Cluster
    • BMW X5 E70 Digital Cluster
    • BMW X6 E71 Digital Cluster
    • BMW Z4 E89 Digital Cluster