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Virginize Service Honda S2000 Digital Cluster

About this Virginize Service

Before installing a used Honda S2000 Digital Cluster into a different vehicle, it needs to be “Virginized”, therefore we offer a virginizing- and configuration service. You DO NOT need to send us the Digital Cluster to complete the virginize process.

The Digital Cluster is saving information about mileage and VIN number of the cars in the chip, which can not be modified manually. To virginize the digital cluster we require the VIN from the previous vehicle, found in the About menu of the cluster, and the VIN of the designated vehicle. This service also allows for adjusting additional configurations such as Transmission, Fuel Type and Driver Name.

Based on the provided information we will prepare a customized installation package, used to set your product to a “Virginized” state. After you connect the virgin cluster to your car, the new VIN will be confirmed, and the mileage value is transferred from other modules and its ready to work.

Why a Virginize Service?

When a used Digital Cluster is installed without "Virginizing", the product will not work properly. There is a high risk for the car mileage to jump to a higher number if the used cluster has higher mileage as well, this change in mileage is impossible to revert.

If the VIN of the Digital Cluster does not match the VIN of the vehicle a message “INVALID VIN” will occasionally emerge. This message might cause previous purchased upgrades not to work for this vehicle.


The Virginize Service is compatible with the following products:

  • Honda S2000 AP1 Digital Cluster
  • Honda S2000 AP2 Digital Cluster
  • Honda S2000 AP2 CR Digital Cluster

This upgrade is a digital product in the form of a downloadable file that must be installed on your digital cluster. No physical product will be delivered.