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Standalone Racing Digital Cluster

About this Cluster

The Standalone Racing Digital Cluster is a high-resolution full HD (1920x720px) digital instrument cluster with support for standalone ECU's and an extraordinary graphical Racing inspired interface.

The Standalone Racing Digital Cluster includes the following themes:

  • Alpha Rush
  • Sonic Rush
  • Petrol Rush
  • Venom Rush
  • Exotic Rush
  • Magma Rush
  • Blood Rush
  • Neon Rush

For more information about the specifications click here.

  • The following standalone ECU's are compatible with this product:

    1. AEM Infinity
    2. AEM S2 + EMS 4
    3. DTA
    4. ECU Master
    5. Haltech
    6. Holley EFI
    7. Hondata S300
    8. Link G4
    9. Maxx ECU
    10. Megasquirt
  • The following items are included in the purchase of this product:

    1. Digital cluster
    2. Screen protector
    3. Wire-harness
    4. Control pad
    5. Control pad cable

Product Configuration

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