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  • Compatibility Chart — Speed Rush

    This compatibility chart illustrates the compatibility between the 'Digital Cluster theme Speed Rush' and the available ID4Motion digital cluster models.

    Digital Cluster for Speed Rush
    BMW 1 Series E8x
    BMW 3 Series E9x
    BMW 5 Series E6x
    BMW 6 Series E6x
    BMW X5 E70
    BMW X6 E71
    BMW Z4 E89
    BMW 3 Series E46
    BMW 5 Series E39
    BMW 7 Series E38
    BMW X5 E53
    Honda Acura NSX
    Honda Civic EG
    Honda Civic EK
    Honda Integra MK3
    Honda S2000 AP1
    Honda S2000 AP2
    Honda S2000 AP2 CR

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