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    Ready to further personalize your driving experience with the ID4Motion Digital Cluster? This straightforward guide will walk you through customizing your startup screen, so you can showcase your favorite images on your Digital Cluster screen.

    Whether you want to showcase your favorite photos or add a touch of uniqueness to your driving experience, we've got you covered. Here we will give you a detailed description on how to customize and change the Startup Screen on your ID4Motion Digital Cluster. Follow these simple steps to make your ID4Motion truly your own:

    Step 1: Prepare Your Images

    Before you start, check the image requirements listed on this webpage to find out the specific requirements for custom startup screen images. These requirements may include image dimensions, format, and file size limitations.

    Ensure that your image files meet the following criteria:

    • Maximum width: 1920px
    • Maximum height: 720px
    • Image format: JPG or PNG
    • File name size: Maximum of 32 characters

    Note: Please keep in mind that custom startup screen images will show up against a black background. If your images are smaller than the 1920x720 display resolution, they will be centered both horizontally and vertically within this space.

    Step 2: Prepare Your USB Drive

    2.1 Grab a USB memory drive and connect it to your computer.

    2.2 Create a new folder on the USB drive and name it 'id4motion' (note: the system is case-sensitive, so use all lowercase letters).

    2.3 Within the 'id4motion' folder, create another folder called 'screens'.

    2.4 Please ensure that all the custom images you wish to upload are placed in this 'screens' folder.

    Step 3: Upload Your Custom Images

    3.1. Plug the USB drive into your ID4Motion Digital Cluster's USB port. You can locate this port on the back of the cluster, but it can also be extended to a more convenient location in your vehicle.

    3.2. If all your images are correctly placed in the 'id4motion' folder and meet the specified requirements, the images should automatically be uploaded to the cluster. A dialog window will indicate when this process begins, along with which images are being loaded.

    Step 4: Choose Your Custom Image

    4.1. Get ready to select your custom image. Press the menu button on your keypad to open the Menu settings.

    4.2. Navigate to 'Startup' from the item list, then select 'Startup Screen', and finally, choose 'Select Screen'.

    4.3. You'll now see the list of images you've uploaded, displayed alongside the default options that came with your Digital Cluster. As you cycle through the options, a preview of the selected image will appear in a dialog window.

    4.4. Confirm your selection by pressing the 'right' or 'center' button.

    You're All Set!

    With your selection confirmed, the next time your cluster starts, your custom image will take center stage, adding a personal touch to your driving experience. Now, go ahead and make your ID4Motion uniquely yours! Enjoy your customized startup experience every time you hit the road.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why are my custom images not uploaded?

    There could be several reasons:

    • The number of images exceeds the limit for your product edition.
    • Images don't meet the specified requirements.
    • Incorrect folder structure, folder naming, or capitalization.
    • USB drive compatibility issues with your device.
    How many custom images can I upload?

    A: The number of custom images you can upload depends on your product edition:

    • Basic Edition: Up to 2 images
    • Standard Edition: Up to 4 images
    • Premium Edition: Up to 8 images
    Can I use animated images or videos as my custom startup screen?

    This feature is primarily designed for static images and may not function optimally with animated images, potentially leading to performance issues; as a result, it's generally not recommended for use with GIFs or other animated formats due to the limited support for such content on custom startup screens.

    Is it possible to revert to the default startup screen after customization?

    Yes, you can usually revert to the default startup screen by accessing the same settings where you initially customized it. Simply select a different startup, screen or perform a system reset.

    Can I use copyrighted images or logos for my custom startup screen?

    We strongly advise against using copyrighted material without proper authorization. Using copyrighted images or logos without permission could lead to legal issues. It's best to use your own original content or obtain the necessary rights and permissions for any copyrighted material you wish to use.