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June 17, 2022 1 min read

From the 3 Series Diesel models to the M3 E46. We get a lot of questions about settings in the E46. So we want to give you some more information about RPM features on the  digital gauge cluster.

E46 RPM tachometer zones:
The RPM Zone is adjustable on the Digital Gauge Cluster from 6k RPM to 9k RPM. As is the speed, you can adjust it from 240 to 320kph or 160 to 200 mph in miles.

E46 M3 Variable Pre-warning Zone:
The E46 M3 experts under us know the Variable Pre-warning Zone, the changing yellow/red RPM zone based on the engine temperature. For some E46 owners, a must-have mod on their BMW. We have also implemented this feature into the ID4Motion digital gauge cluster, but now for every E46 owner. Typically this RPM zone (shiftlight) is based on the oil engine temp sensor from the M3 or CSL, but the oil temperature isn’t available on every E46 engine. So we made the Digital Cluster Variable Pre-warning Zone adjustable on oil or coolant temp, where you can set the temperatures yourself, as you prefer. Now every BMW E46 model can have this modification and drive around like an M3, being kind to its engine.

E46 Shift lights
Shift lights have been added to the ID4Motion digital Gauge Cluster, extra lights you can turn on or off to indicate the perfect time to shift. With this update for the E46, you can pick your optimum RPM to shift and customize the yellow and red zone which suits your engine.

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