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August 16, 2021 1 min read

BMW Concept art

You’re looking at the concept art of what might become the default design for the next BMW model we would like to add to our range of Digital Instrument Cluster products, the BMW E46. All original indicators are present in this design, and with the addition of date this concept leaves room for multiple data fields to display the Board Computer information.

A minimalistic approach to Skeuomorphism

This concept takes a minimalistic approach to Skeuomorphism. Skeuomorphism is an embellished UI design style intended make elements resemble their real-world counterparts. Small details with shadows, highlights emphasize each of the individual indicators, and stand in contrast with the minimalistic color scheme and subtle gradients.

Inspired by the original BMW E46 instrument cluster

The analog gauges with traditional pointers, and tick-mark pattern are inspired by the original BMW E46 instrument cluster. The beautiful blue and red color scheme strongly represent the vehicle brand value and recognition. There is no arguing about matters of taste, therefore this product like our other Digital Instrument Clusters will launch with not just one design. Stay tuned for more concept art!

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